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        科技立业   尚德兴邦
        关于我们 About us

        ? ? ? ? 创建于2001年的湖北(武汉)邦之德牧业科技有限公司是专业从事发酵植物蛋白产品的研发、生产及销售的农业产业化省级重点龙头企业。公司以锐意改革,勇于创新的精神,顺应绿色、环保、健康养殖的发展需要,充分发挥产学研优势,引领中国发酵植物蛋白产业的发展和壮大。? ? ? ?

        ??????? 公司拥有一批矢志于发酵植物蛋白发展的由国内知名专家、教授组成的科研队伍。公司成立至今,承担了二十多项国家、省、市级科研项目,获得了多项国家发明专利和实用新型专利。2012年2月,我公司参与的“仔猪健康养殖营养饲料调控技术及应用”项目获得国家科技进步二等奖。2015年12月,我公司主持的油料饼粕发酵酶解高效饲用关键技术研究与应用获得了湖北省科学技术进步二等奖。

        ???????在高素质的员工队伍与不断完善的现代化企业管理制度相结合下,公司通过了ISO9001国际质量管理体系认证,获得了“湖北省饲料工业协会十佳创新型企业”、“湖北省农业产业化重点龙头企业”和 “湖北省饲用植物蛋白工程技术研究中心”等殊荣。产品销售遍及全国各地,并远销亚洲各个国家和地区。
        ??????? 位于黄石市的“肽黄金工业园”占地80亩,具备年产10万吨发酵植物蛋白的生产能力。经过十余年的飞速发展,公司形成了以“帮之德”牌“肽黄金”、“肽铂金”和“植源肽”为产品链的发酵植物蛋白产品体系。系列产品的推出为提高植物蛋白的利用率,缓解蛋白资源紧张的局面,推动我国饲料工业和养殖业的健康发展做出了贡献。
        ??????? 以“忠诚敬业,团结自律,开拓进取,产业报国”的企业精神,秉承“科技立业,尚德兴邦”的发展理念,我们愿与海内外同仁精诚合作,为将邦之德打造成专业化的发酵植物蛋白制造公司而努力!

        Corporation ? ? Introduction

        Hubei (Wuhan) Broad Live-Stock Technique Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, is “Hubei Key?Leading Enterprise?of?Agricultural?Industrialization” specializing in researching, developing, producing, and marketing products of fermented plant protein. Complying with the needs of developing a green, environmental and healthy breeding, the company dares to reform and innovate, giving full play to the advantage of the combination of industry-academia-research, in order to lead the development and growth of fermented plant protein industry of China.

        The Company owns a research team constituted of a group of well-known experts and professors, who determines to develop fermented plant protein. Since been established, the company has taken on more than twenty national, provincial, and municipal scientific research projects, while obtaining several national invention patents and utility model patents. In February 2012, the project, we participated in, named “Regulation Technique and Application of Nutritive Feed for Piglets’ Healthy Breeding” won the second prize of “National Science and Technology Progress Award”.? In December 2015, the project that we presided over, named “Key Technique Research and Application of Efficient Feeding with Fermented and zymolytic Oil Cake and Meal” won the second prize of “Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award”.

        With the combination of high quality staff and improving modern enterprise management system, the company has passed ISO 9001 Authentication (International Standardization Organization). Meanwhile the company has been awarded with “Top Ten Innovative Enterprises of Hubei Feed Industry Association”, “Hubei Key?Leading Enterprise?of?Agricultural?Industrialization”, and “Hubei Engineering Research Center of Feeding Plant Protein”, etc. The product has been sold throughout the country, and exported to countries and regions in Asia.

        ?Located at Huangshi Province, “The Golden Peptide Industrial Zone” covers an area of 80 acres. It is?designed with the production capacity of fermented plant protein reaching to 100,000 tons per year. After rapid development in over ten years, the company has built up a fermented plant protein product system, which is a product chain consisted of “Platinum Peptide”, “Golden Peptide”, and “Botanical Peptide” with “BROAD LIVE-STOCK” brand. The launch of the series products has contributed to improving the utilization of plant protein, easing the tension of protein resources, and motivating the healthy development of domestic breeding and feedstuff industry.

        With the corporation spirit of “loyal dedication, united self-discipline, pioneering and enterprising, and the industry serve the country”, believing in the development concept of “Technology Founding, Morality Prospering”, we are sincerely willing to cooperate with colleagues at home and abroad, making efforts to build Broad Live-Stock into the? company specializing in producing fermented plant protein in China.




        Copyright ?2015 武汉邦之德牧业科技有限公司